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Lyrics to Crossing Over

And I have come to the shoreline to sit on a mound of sand with my legs in the grass. A smile has found my face again.

Sometimes I feel like that tugboat pulling my past behind.

Sometimes I feel like a honeybee tasting the sweetness of life.

But right now, I am the swallow, a messenger of two worlds.

I’m unlimited and I am crossing over.

Stand still, be with this.

Remember to breathe.

If you’ve got to move, move your body mindfully.

Pay attention to this breath right now.

Listen past your senses for the soundless sound, for the soundless sound.

Hu, Allah.

And I have come to share my story, to sing for you my friends.

With my feet on the ground, new life has found these hands again.

Sometimes I don’t think about it, I used to all the time.

Sometimes I go a little bit crazy, can’t escape my mind.

And right now I’m being truthful ’cause I’ve got nothing, nothing to lose.

I’m unlimited and I am crossing over.

Stand still, be with this.

Remember to breathe.

If you’ve got to move, move your body mindfully.

Pay attention to this breath right now.

Listen, won’t you listen for the soundless sound, for the soundless sound?

Hu, Allah.

Live on KVMR with April Miranda

KVMR.orgI’m going to perform live on the Women’s Show on my local community radio station, KVMR (89.5FM & 105.1FM Truckee) tonight at 8:30pm PST (that’s 6:30pm HI/9:30pmMST/10:30pmEST/4:30amLondon).

For listeners worldwide, the show will be streaming live at DJ April Miranda will be hosting the show.

I’ll be talking about my next album project and my CD release concert at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, CA on Friday, May 23rd, 2014. For more details about the concert, visit this blog post.

Listen to my past radio interviews:

Here is the replay:

New Piano Clarinet Musette available for download

This heart-warming instrumental piece features a dance between piano and clarinet. Like a great big sigh at the end of a beautiful day, it makes a sweet ending. I wrote it a few years ago and I’ve just gotten around to publishing it on my website. Join my email list to be notified of my next upcoming release and for special offers on downloads at Happy Holidays!

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New Download Available: Elephant Gathering Ambient Loop

This track lives in the “ambient” genre – makes great background music for a radio show, podcast, or just easy listening. Enjoy!

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Join my email list to receive special offers in your inbox and receive a free MP3!

May you be safe. May you have mental peace. May you have physical peace. And may you live with the ease of well-being.

New Album Update

As we move into the Holidays, I am excited to be moving forward with the new album. All the elements are coming together in such beautiful ways.

I’m excited that Christopher Krotky-Chavez at Studios7G in Fairfax, CA will be mixing my tracks. He’s a very skilled ProTools engineer and also brings his creative ideas to the project.

And the very talented Ananda Vaughan is going to be doing some tracking on my new bluesy song, “Expectations” (click here to listen to a sample!). Please leave a comment on SoundCloud with your impressions.

This song was called “The New Easy” and though I had all the chords mapped out, it was missing lyrics for a long time. I went forward with tracking the guitar, drums and bass with only a melody in my head. Then last week I found some lyrics my friend Chris Pumphrey and I wrote years ago when we were in a duo called “Blue Poppy,” and when I put the lyrics with the music, they just fit perfectly. I love it when that happens!

For the web curious, I’ve updated my website with a new video player and better styling (check it out!).

I am so grateful for your support and the ability to make music.

Have a most happy Thanksgiving!


Summer 2013 Gig Schedule

I’ll be playing at these Nevada County events this summer:

Solstice Party at Casa de AnyaDevi (private party) – June 21st

Grass Valley Downtown Association’s Thursday night markets - July 25th and September 19th

First Friday Art Walk Nevada City - July 5th

Matteo’s Public – 8/14, 8/28, 9/11, 9/25, 10/5, 10/25

California Organics – 8/30

See the Full Event Calendar for all the details

Live at California Organics Restaurant

Come on down to Nevada City’s finest organic restaurant for yummy eats, smooothies, beer/wine, oh yeah, and music! Friday, June 7th from 6:30-8:30pm. RSVP on Facebook

Lyrics to “Right Here Now”

Sometimes she speaks without making a sound.

Sometimes she screams so loud it shakes the clouds.

Oh, but she’s right here now.

Sometimes I feel like a ghost in this town.

Sometimes I feel like an angel flying around.

Oh, but I’m right here now.

Sometimes he floats away from the light.

Sometimes he shines like a star in the night.

Oh, but he’s right here now.

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Read more about this song on my blog

Right Here Now available for download

I’ve released “Right Here Now” as an exclusive download available only at my website. The track was recorded at SunSound Studios by Michael Logue. Michael Logue also played rhythm and lead electric guitars and sang backup vocals. Ivan Scheumack played drums and Jared May played the electric bass. I composed the song, played keys, sang the lead vocal and mixed the track with Michael Logue. Read the Lyrics.

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Spring 2013 Update

California Organics Market

It feels good to have a couple of live gigs coming up. Thanks to music promoter and KDVS Davis DJ Karen Carchidi, I’ll be filling in for Juliet Gorbert at California Organics restaurant on Friday May 24th at 6:30pm.

I’ll also be playing a short set at Anya Devi‘s Solstice party on June 21st. Both events are in Nevada City, CA.

I gave my website a lift and made it responsive (it automatically resizes according to the requirements of the browser/device being used). Let me know how it looks for you and your device.

Meanwhile, I am still remixing my 2008 release, Whirlwind Girl. Recently I had the pleasure of recording on The Center for the Arts‘ Steinway grand piano. I tracked on “Nothing’s Wrong” and “Hammer and the Chimes.” Michael Logue did the recording and we are working together to mix in the new sounds. So far they sound incredible! Here are some photos taken by John Taber:

{Unknown Carousel group}

Jared May tracking bass

Jared MayJared May tracked on a bunch of my songs recently at SunSound Studios. He always amazes me with the variety of styles he plays and the ease with which he picks up new material. Thanks Jared! The tracks sound really stellar so far.

Photos from Sacred Dance Circle Workshop and Concert

catherine scholz


Sacred Dance Circle and Concert

Happy 2013!

I’m pleased to announce I am returning to the live music scene with a sacred music event in Penn Valley, CA. The Workshop and Concert will happen on February 9th at Dragonfly Yoga Studio. Please RSVP on Facebook if you are planning to attend.

Robert will be leading the dance circle and I will be opening the concert with a 45-minute set of music. Robert’s partner, Juanita will be making the dinner. This will be a lovely event that is guaranteed to touch and heal the hearts of those who are ready and willing to receive.

All are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

Blessings of harmony,


Studio Session with Mark McCartney

Here is some “footie from the sesh” recorded on May 7th at SunSound Studios with Michael Logue on the board & Mark McCartney on drums. Mark tracked on “Hammer and the Chimes,” “Whirlwind Girl,” and “Movin’ On.”  Special thanks to Mark’s wife, Lesli Schwartz for assisting with Bridget-care! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the new mixes! Here is a little video sample of Mark rockin’ it on “Hammer and the Chimes”:

Mark McCartney in the house

mark_trackingI’m excited to bring Mark McCartney into the studio to track on drums – Mark has played live with me at the Whirlwind Girl CD Release and at Lake Tahoe Green Fest. Mark brings a sophistication to the music that comes from 40 years of experience playing with bands such as Shana Morrison, Perry Mills Project, Claddagh, Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald, GreenThings, and Achilles Wheel.

He will be tracking on 3 songs: Whirlwind Girl, Hammer and the Chimes and Movin’ On.

I will post another blog and email as soon as I have a new version to share – stay tuned!

Whirlwind Girl is being ReReleased

Before I start my next full album project, there are some adjustments I’m making to some of my tracks from Whirlwind Girl (2008). Stay tuned to my blog and/or my email list for new versions as I release them and please comment if you would like to share your thoughts about the changes I have made. This music is for you!

Women’s Writing Salon: details

This Saturday, September 11 starting at 4pm, I have the honor of sharing 3 of my original songs with the Women’s Writing Salon at Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters in Grass Valley, CA. Here is the order of readers and our bios:

1. Catherine Scholz
2. Ann Keeling
3. Christine Irving
4. Jan Fishler
5. Kirsten Casey
6. Ronnie Paul


1. Catherine Scholz is a singer-songwriter and composer born and raised in the Milwaukee area with a degree in Music from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She moved to northern California in 1999 and she is currently working on a number of original pieces from a variety of genres: folk, folk-rock, and instrumental ambient dance tracks. She is also eagerly anticipating her 2nd child in late October. Her website is:

2. Ann Keeling is a writer, editor, and personal writing coach who has taught at universities and high schools. Most recently, she taught Creative Writing at Ghidotti Early College High School. Her passion lies in helping students increase their writing mastery and find the brilliance of their unique voice. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and an MFA in Dance from UCLA. She lives in Grass Valley with her husband, son, and a black-and-white dog.

3. Christine Irving is a poet and playwright. She performs frequently in local venues and is the author of a book of poetry, Be a Teller of Tales and a CD, Originals. Her latest endeavor is a chapbook of poetry entitled, The Naked Man. Her books for children, Prickly Predicaments, Prickly Passages and The Mystery of the Black Madonna are available on Kindle. She is currently working on a novel about Mary Magdalene.

4. Jan Fishler recently completed an adoption memoir, Searching for Jane, Finding Myself. Now, she spends much of her time learning everything she can about marketing books and implementing the various techniques and strategies shes read about. In her free time, Jan walks her golden retriever on the Gracie ditch, kayaks on lower Scotts Flat Lake, and dreams about having her book included in Oprahs book club.

5. Kirsten Casey earned her MA in Creative Writing over 18 years ago, and she continues to work on advanced degrees in mothering, stain removal, and chauffeuring. Occasionally she writes a poem. She lives in Nevada City with her lovely husband, three loud children, and neurotic dog. She would rather be here than anywhere else.

6. Some things never change. Ronnie Paul continues to practice yoga diligently, cook incessantly, write memoirs sporadically and salsa dance flamboyantly. Further more, she still hasnt written her promised cookbook or learned how to text message. Her aspirations include living in a body that never aches or pains and allowing herself to sit and read novels in the afternoon.

New ambient/chill groove: Elephant Gathering

I’ve started composing in a new genre of ambient dance tracks.� Here is a preview sample of the first fourth of the whole track.� When I finish it, I will release it for sale as a download.


This is my second project called “Elephant Gathering” (the first was “You Are Loved,” still due to be fully released).

This track could be used for many different applications.� I’d like to know your thoughts.� Is this something you would add to your iTunes collection for background music?� Or do you feel called to add your own sound to the mix?� What influences do you hear in this piece? Leave your comment here.

If you would like to be able to download this sample MP3 of “Elephant Gathering,” you may do so by joining my email list or if you are already on my list, simply wait for the next email or leave me a comment here.

Blessings of harmony,