What listeners have said about the music of Catherine Scholz…

It is rare an artist comes along where their music, their lyrics, dive deep through to your soul. Catherine Scholz is one of those artists – Linda Savitz

{Her}…music evokes so much emotion and beauty…” – Elisa Parker, KVMR DJ

“Cool, but not detached; passionate, but not preachy; intelligent, but not smarter-than-thou stylish alt-folk… informed alternately by Shawn Colvin’s eye for detail, Joni Mitchell’s ear for melody and a rootsy, homespun feel. The purity of her lullaby voice is framed by tasteful, understated playing and the overall effect is like a warm bed on a summer Sunday…” – Paul in the UK

“Warm, beautiful, straight to the heart…” -Barbara Tanksley

“There is something about Catherine’s music that seems to break down barriers… Her voice has a rich, real presence and friendliness… it’s also that her songs are as forthright and guileless as they are absorbing and alluring. This music may surprise you in how it opens you up. Listen… and see if you connect with this artist. You don’t have to try very hard. You don’t have to try at all.” – Bob Villwock

“Full body deep meaningful, yet soft and gentle, while being soothing and easy to listen to… pleasure and bliss…” – Sunwolf

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From CDBaby:

Take a Soaring Ride with Whirlwind Girl
author: Ann Keeling

Talented songwriter and soulful singer, Catherine Scholz, takes the listener on a compassionate journey with Whirlwind Girl. With flashes of Patty Griffin in her voice and Joan Baez in her guitar picking, Catherine is ultimately her own, unique talent. Favorites include the melodic Movin’ On and the soaring Butterfly. Hammer & Chimes reminds me of Cat Stevens (the highest compliment I can give.) My 5-yr old and I listened to Nothing’s Wrong while we made valentines, and he went on to happily hum the song (and paste) long after the CD was done. The power of these haunting songs lingers.

“Whirlwind Girl, spinning dust. Spinning trees, she must be lost by now.”

But Catherine Scholz is not lost. She is exactly where she should be right here making rich, captivating music.

-Ann Keeling, Director, Music Together Gold Country, Northern California
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This CD Has Magic Powers!
author: Barry Friedman

One of the biggest compliments I can give Whirlwind Girl is that I put it in while I was working on my laptop and I just realized that 2 hours have passed by!

My musical taste runs all over the map but a big part of me was supposed to be a folk singer. My iPod is packed with Richie Havens, Al Stewart, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, et el. I’m also hopelessly stuck in the ’80s, but I digress.

Catherine Scholz has created a dynamic blend of heart, soul, and clean musicality. It’s easy on the ears and challenging in its depth.

And although I’m a 185 lbs guy who makes too many jokes and occasionally enjoys cold coffee drinks with too much caffeine, ‘Butterfly’ got me all quiet and goose bumpy.

Looking forward to enjoying this CD on many cross-country flights.