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Lilith Fair Contest: We need your help!

Lilith Fair Contest Update: our track has slid to 365/566!

Can you help?  Here’s an incentive for taking some time out of your schedule to help us out.

1) Follow this direct link to judge tracks in the California category

2) Judge tracks until you get to Right Here Now

3) Take a screenshot of the page (how-to tutorial here)

4) Email the screenshot image to with your mailing address.

5) We will send you an autographed Whirlwind Girl CD and 2 brand new releases, Right Here Now and You Are Loved (new world-fusion dance track – yummy!).

You can also judge on

Thanks so much for your support!
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Lilith Fair Contest: Judging has begun at!

Judge at


We submitted our track, “Right Here Now” to the 2010 Lilith Fair Local Talent Search: California at Friday afternoon, about 3 hours before the judging officially started.  Within 2 days, our track jumped from 580/580 entries to 204/580!

If you would like to have an influence on how this contest turns out, you may begin judging tracks yourself at in the California category.  The judging process will be happening all month-long.  Here are the rules for judging:

  • Fans must be thirteen (13) years of age or older at the time of entry and legal residents of the United States and/or Canada.
  • Participate in at least 25 Sort4 and/or 100 Head-To-Head battles in any of the Lilith Local Search Music Channels
  • Click here to read the official rules.

You may also track our ranking in the contest directly on the OurStage website.

The San Fransisco winner will perform at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA on July 5. 2010.  Thanks for your support and stay tuned to my blog, my email list, and/or Facebook for updates!

Lilith Fair Contest: Time extended and playing field narrowed

The Lilith Fair Local Talent Search has extended the entry deadline to May 22nd, though judging on will begin on May 1st, 2010.  They have also narrowed the playing field by region so I will be competing with other artists from California and Hawaii instead of the whole world and if selected, I would be performing in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego.

We have been producing our new song, “Right Here Now” at SunSound Studios and recently, one of our fans, Christopher Taylor, strongly encouraged us to consider uploading “Whirlwind Girl” for our contest entry.  What do YOU think?  Leave us a comment.

New song sample: “Right Here Now”

I am excited to share this preview sample of “Right Here Now” with you. This song is being recorded at SunSound Studios in Grass Valley, CA. Enjoy the expanded slow rock feel with vocal harmonies and lyrics that remind us to stay present.


This song is going to be on the next album.


Sometimes she speaks without making a sound.

Sometimes she screams so loud it shakes the clouds.

Oh, but she’s right here now.

Sometimes I feel like a ghost in this town.

Sometimes I feel like an angel flying around.

Oh, but I’m right here now.

Sometimes he floats away from the light.

Sometimes he shines like a star in the night.

Oh, but he’s right here now.

Upcoming Performance: See Jane Do’s Passion into Action Conference


Announcing: I have been asked to perform “Right Here Now” live at the upcoming See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference to be held at the Holiday Inn Express in Grass Valley on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010.  The song is currently being co-produced with Michael Logue at SunSound Studios and “Right Here Now” will be available on compact disc at the conference.  Samples of the track will be available on my website soon and MP3’s will be also available for purchase as well.  Check out the video of a live performance of “Right Here Now” with co-writer, Michael Logue at the See Jane Do Soiree last year (it’s about 22 minutes into the video).

Picture 18

New Song Sample: You Are Loved


Here is my first attempt at making music for all you dancers out there…

Special thanks to Michael Logue for guidance with some of the more advanced aspects of audio engineering!

Female Singer-Songwriter Showcase: SunSound Studios

This event has been cancelled due to inclement weather. Will be re-scheduled for spring. Stay tuned!

Songwriter Showcase Flyer

Where: SunSound Studios – 13149 Ridge Rd., Grass Valley, CA

Doors open at 3:00pm.  Admission: $10-$20 sliding scale.

Lindsey Campbell
Lindsay Campbell

More information about Lindsey coming soon.
For now, I will do my personal best to describe the music of this emerging singer-songwriter from Grass Valley.  Her music is impassioned with fire and humor. It tells the story of a young mother coming to grips with her past and moving into a new future. Campbell envelopes Ani DiFranco’s angry style with her own soft edges.

Jenn Rogar
Jenn Rogar

Jenn Rogar is a mother, a teacher, and even has a law degree, though she doesn’t intend to use it in the traditional manner. Jenn uses it to be part of the human solution for human rights, peace and justice. She is a rabblerouser, a folksinger, and a singer/songwriter in the tradition of Holly Near and Joan Baez, using her music as a tool to educate and incite pacifism and activism and awareness.  Her music is also intended to invite sentimentality along the lines of Kate Wolf and Janis Ian. Otherwise her music is funny as more folk songs should be so that we may find humor in this crazy experiment called human life.

Angela Wesley Hardin
Angela Wesley Hardin

In Angela’s words on MySpace: These songs are mostly a take on Laura Nyro for the twenty-first century … with melody informed by classical music and the Great
American Songbook, rhythmic keyboard figurations, trippy background
harmonies, a shade of jazz, and a smidgen of Texas blues.

Catherine says: Angela came to Nevada County from Austin and combines her depth of musical and writing experience into her well-crafted and beautifully-sung songs.

Check out “Like the Fog” on her MySpace page with lyrics like, “I am floating just above you and I know how to love you, oh I do… here in the fog, blown by the wind, the door swings open, I come streamin’ in with dreamin’ eyes…”

Karen Joy Brown
Karen Joy Brown

For the past five years, singer songwriter Karen Joy Brown has surprised and delighted local fans and media with what the Chico News and Review calls her “deeply soulful voice”. Terre Reynolds of KZFR Face the Music describes her as “having the whole package…..a beautiful voice, can play well, and writes beautiful songs.” But what new listeners invariably attest is that it is almost impossible to hear her sing without being struck by her singular ability to express emotion through her uniquely rich voice. If her mesmerizing vocals deliver poetry that seems to know you, then the guileless folk-funk guitar will make you feel like everything’s gonna be alright. With simple, sincere arrangements of originals and “well-chosen covers” ranging from the Police to Patsy Cline, Brown transforms everyday events into stories that enchant, seduce, and inspire.