New song sample: “Right Here Now”

I am excited to share this preview sample of “Right Here Now” with you. This song is being recorded at SunSound Studios in Grass Valley, CA. Enjoy the expanded slow rock feel with vocal harmonies and lyrics that remind us to stay present.


This song is going to be on the next album.


Sometimes she speaks without making a sound.

Sometimes she screams so loud it shakes the clouds.

Oh, but she’s right here now.

Sometimes I feel like a ghost in this town.

Sometimes I feel like an angel flying around.

Oh, but I’m right here now.

Sometimes he floats away from the light.

Sometimes he shines like a star in the night.

Oh, but he’s right here now.


  1. Great clip Catherine. I hope the rest of the song does justice to what you can do with your voice. Good luck on the contest. I want to see you tour!!!

  2. Hi Cathy, we wnt to HS together, not sure if you remember me. I was looking at C Bitz’s FB page and saw your page. Checked it out and LOVED your music!! You have a beautiful voice!! Can’t wait to hear more. Hope all is great!!

  3. impressive recording and timely. Takes Fiona Tori and Sarah to a new level. Excellent vocal effects and solid recording!

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