The Serenity Project

The Serenity Project

Employing the musical arrangement of The Serenity Prayer by Robert Kelaghan, dedicated to those of us affected by addiction whether in recovery and/or supporting someone… Catherine Scholz will be recording Robert’s arrangement of this prayer and producing the track for worldwide distribution during the summer of 2024. Estimated release date: 9/1/2024.

Half the proceeds of download sales from this song will benefit the care of Robert Kelaghan (sent directly to Punita Greenberg) and half will be donated to Refuge Recovery (a non-profit organization supporting those in recovery). Streaming revenues on all platforms will go directly to the executive producer of this project, Catherine Scholz.

Musicians personally touched by addiction and moved by the prospect of giving back to the recovery community are invited to participate in this project. The lyrics (adapted by Scholz to appeal to believers and non-believers alike):

“Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference oh, grant me serenity, grant me serenity.”

The success of this project will rely upon the sharing this project widely among the community of those who loved and appreciated Robert’s music as well as those in recovery. Questions may be directed via email to Catherine Scholz.

The Serenity Prayer
Photo credit: Jef de Buyzer 2006

May the best outcome be for all beings!

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