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Upcoming Concert: The Open Book Thursday March 24th

RSVP on FacebookI’m excited to announce that I will be playing a full concert on Thursday, March 24th from 7-9pm at The Open Book in Grass Valley, California. I will be performing all-original songs from my two albums, Whirlwind Girl and Right Here Now, as well as some previously unreleased material.

The Open BookLike The Open Book Facebook Page (formerly Tomes Bookstore), is a sweet and intimate listening room, perfect for singer-songwriters and small ensembles. Seating is limited, so you may want to purchase your tickets in advance.

Tickets are on sale now right here on my website. RSVP on Facebook and please share this post with your friends and family, thanks!



Right Here Now Album Details

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Right Here Now 2014 ~ Tracks, Instrumentation and Credits

1. Right Here Now (pop mix)
Catherine Scholz – vocals, keys, rhythm guitar
Michael Logue – rhythm and lead guitars, vocals, production
Jared May – bass
Christopher Krotky – production, drums, percussion, additional keyboards, additional guitars
Ivan Scheumack – drums

2. Movin’ on (remix)
Catherine Scholz – vocals
Jacob Aginsky – keys
Christopher Krotky – additional keyboards, additional guitars
Jared May – bass
Mark McCartney – drums

3. Hammer and the Chimes (remix)
Catherine Scholz – vocals, Steinway grand piano & keyboards/midi strings
Jared May – bass
Mark McCartney – drums

4. Pearl (remix)
Catherine Scholz – vocals, rhythm guitar, keys
Jared May – bass
Jacob Aginsky – keys
Marlon Aldana – drums
Christopher Krotky – percussion

5. Remember the Love (remix of Just Not Like Her)
Catherine Scholz – vocals
Michael Logue – electric guitar
Jared May – bass
Gordon Hellegers – kora
Mark McCartney – drums

6. Garden Gate
Catherine Scholz – vocals
Ananda Vaughan – rhythm guitar
Jacob Aginsky – keys
Jared May – bass
Marlon Aldana – drums

7. Take it Easy
Catherine Scholz – vocals, rhythm guitar
Christopher Krotky – percussion, additional keyboards
Jared May – bass
Mark McCartney – drums

8. Expectations
Catherine Scholz – vocals
Jacob Aginsky – keys
Jared May – bass
Ananda Vaughan – rhythm and lead guitar
Greg Ludlum – harmonica
Mark McCartney – drums

9. Crossing Over
Catherine Scholz – vocals, midi piano
Jacob Aginsky – keys
Christopher Krotky – percussion, additional keyboards, additional guitars
Jared May – bass
Justin Renfrow – euphonium
Marlon Aldana – drums

10. Fast and Pray
Catherine Scholz – vocals, midi piano
Ananda Vaughan – guitars
Jacob Aginsky – keys
Jared May – bass
Marlon Aldana – drums

11. Nothing’s Wrong (remix)
Catherine Scholz – vocals, keys
Jared May – bass

12. Butterfly (remix)
Catherine Scholz – vocals, rhythm guitar, keys
Jared May – bass

13. Whirlwind Girl (remix)
Catherine Scholz – vocals, guitar, keys
Mark McCartney – drums
Jared May – bass

All songs written by Catherine Scholz ~ Copyright 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved
Recorded at SunSound Studios (Grass Valley, CA), Catherine Scholz Studio & Ananda Vaughan studios (Nevada City, CA) and Studio7GS (Fairfax, CA)
Mixed at SunSound Studios, Catherine Scholz studio and Studio7GS
Mixing, mastering and additional production – Christopher Krotky, Studio 7Gs (Christopher Krotky, Studio 7Gs)
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Photo credit for album cover: Linda Savitz

Graphic design for album cover: Betsey Leach

Catherine Scholz, originally from Wisconsin, is an independent singer-songwriter who writes mainly in the folk genre blending elements of classical, jazz, reggae and rock into her sound. A resident of Nevada City for over 11 years, she has taught piano lessons to many families in the area as well as taught WordPress website design to small business owners. She designed and built her own website,

Her new album, “Right Here Now” is her 2nd release after Whirlwind Girl (2008). She collaborated with all Californian musicians and engineers to create a full band sound. Some of the songs are remixes from Whirlwind Girl and some are new releases. “Right Here Now” is available at iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and all the other major outlets. You can also purchase the album on her website.

New Piano Clarinet Musette available for download

This heart-warming instrumental piece features a dance between piano and clarinet. Like a great big sigh at the end of a beautiful day, it makes a sweet ending. I wrote it a few years ago and I’ve just gotten around to publishing it on my website. Join my email list to be notified of my next upcoming release and for special offers on downloads at Happy Holidays!

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New Download Available: Elephant Gathering Ambient Loop

This track lives in the “ambient” genre – makes great background music for a radio show, podcast, or just easy listening. Enjoy!

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May you be safe. May you have mental peace. May you have physical peace. And may you live with the ease of well-being.

Right Here Now available for download

I’ve released “Right Here Now” as an exclusive download available only at my website. The track was recorded at SunSound Studios by Michael Logue. Michael Logue also played rhythm and lead electric guitars and sang backup vocals. Ivan Scheumack played drums and Jared May played the electric bass. I composed the song, played keys, sang the lead vocal and mixed the track with Michael Logue. Read the Lyrics.

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Women’s Writing Salon: details

This Saturday, September 11 starting at 4pm, I have the honor of sharing 3 of my original songs with the Women’s Writing Salon at Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters in Grass Valley, CA. Here is the order of readers and our bios:

1. Catherine Scholz
2. Ann Keeling
3. Christine Irving
4. Jan Fishler
5. Kirsten Casey
6. Ronnie Paul


1. Catherine Scholz is a singer-songwriter and composer born and raised in the Milwaukee area with a degree in Music from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. She moved to northern California in 1999 and she is currently working on a number of original pieces from a variety of genres: folk, folk-rock, and instrumental ambient dance tracks. She is also eagerly anticipating her 2nd child in late October. Her website is:

2. Ann Keeling is a writer, editor, and personal writing coach who has taught at universities and high schools. Most recently, she taught Creative Writing at Ghidotti Early College High School. Her passion lies in helping students increase their writing mastery and find the brilliance of their unique voice. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and an MFA in Dance from UCLA. She lives in Grass Valley with her husband, son, and a black-and-white dog.

3. Christine Irving is a poet and playwright. She performs frequently in local venues and is the author of a book of poetry, Be a Teller of Tales and a CD, Originals. Her latest endeavor is a chapbook of poetry entitled, The Naked Man. Her books for children, Prickly Predicaments, Prickly Passages and The Mystery of the Black Madonna are available on Kindle. She is currently working on a novel about Mary Magdalene.

4. Jan Fishler recently completed an adoption memoir, Searching for Jane, Finding Myself. Now, she spends much of her time learning everything she can about marketing books and implementing the various techniques and strategies shes read about. In her free time, Jan walks her golden retriever on the Gracie ditch, kayaks on lower Scotts Flat Lake, and dreams about having her book included in Oprahs book club.

5. Kirsten Casey earned her MA in Creative Writing over 18 years ago, and she continues to work on advanced degrees in mothering, stain removal, and chauffeuring. Occasionally she writes a poem. She lives in Nevada City with her lovely husband, three loud children, and neurotic dog. She would rather be here than anywhere else.

6. Some things never change. Ronnie Paul continues to practice yoga diligently, cook incessantly, write memoirs sporadically and salsa dance flamboyantly. Further more, she still hasnt written her promised cookbook or learned how to text message. Her aspirations include living in a body that never aches or pains and allowing herself to sit and read novels in the afternoon.

2010 Lilith Fair Competition at

(update 5.29.10: Semi-Finals are almost over for the top 20)

Announcing… I am entering a contest at to compete for a spot on the 2010 Lilith Fair tour.  If you would like to see me and my band perform live on the Lilith Fair Tour, please consider giving some of your time and attention over the next few months in the judging process.  This would involve registering at, then visiting the site over the next few months to listen and judge in the Lilith Fair category.

Currently, we are leaning towards entering the song, “Right Here Now” and we would love to hear your thoughts.  Please contribute your thoughts as a comment here on my blog.

Listen to “Right Here Now”:


If you are excited about this and would like to begin the process and register now, you may do so here:  And please mark your calendar: judging at OurStage will officially begin on May 1st, 2010.

Many thanks for your support!


What listeners say about the music of Catherine Scholz…

What listeners have said about the music of Catherine Scholz…

“It is rare an artist comes along… where their music, their lyrics, dive deep through to your soul. Catherine Scholz is one of those artists…” – Linda Savitz

{Her}…music evokes so much emotion and beauty…” – Elisa Parker, KVMR DJ

“Cool, but not detached; passionate, but not preachy; intelligent, but not smarter-than-thou stylish alt-folk… informed alternately by Shawn Colvin’s eye for detail, Joni Mitchell’s ear for melody and a rootsy, homespun feel. The purity of her lullaby voice is framed by tasteful, understated playing and the overall effect is like a warm bed on a summer Sunday…” – Paul in the UK

“Warm, beautiful, straight to the heart…” -Barbara Tanksley

“There is something about Catherine’s music that seems to break down barriers… Her voice has a rich, real presence and friendliness… it’s also that her songs are as forthright and guileless as they are absorbing and alluring. This music may surprise you in how it opens you up. Listen… and see if you connect with this artist. You don’t have to try very hard. You don’t have to try at all.” – Bob Villwock

“Full body deep meaningful, yet soft and gentle, while being soothing and easy to listen to… pleasure and bliss…” – Sunwolf

“Reminiscent of the great folk singers that I grew up with, Catherine’s new CD is filled with heartfelt, emotionally provocative lyrics… With every listen, the songs keep taking me deeper toward a joyous, peaceful state of being…” – Tom Gill

“…Catherine’s songs communicate deep emotion characteristic of a woman searching for the maturing parts of herself. Love, loss, and meaning are presented in a pastiche that is true and irresistible. Her music speaks to all of mankind with gentleness and truth.” – MaryAnn Ferolo

Visit to listen, for photos, video, interviews and more.



“Whirlwind Girl” wins Grassies’ “Album of the Year”

On June 14th, 2008, Catherine Scholz and Michael Logue accepted a Grassies award for “Album of the Year.”

The ceremony to award the 2008 Northern California Artistic Achievement Awards (‘The Grassies’) was held Saturday, June 14th, 2008 at the legendary Stonehouse Restaurant in Nevada City.

More information is available at