“Take My Hand” new love song is here! and other updates

Happy Valentine’s Day, hope you’re feeling loved! My new love song “Take My Hand” is now available on all major platforms, enjoy! Purchase at BandCamp

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Production Credits and Details:

Release Date: 02/14/2024, single
Original song by Catherine Scholz (lyrics and music)
Guitar and vocals by Catherine Scholz
Recording assistance: Francisco Aviles
Mixing and mastering: Oz Fritz
Lyrics: Take my hand from now until then we’ll have eternity, you’ve given me love like I’ve never known, I return it gratefully. Now with all my heart and all of my soul I pledge this day in truth: take my hand and never forget how much I love you.

Thanks to Groover, “Take My Hand” is being featured on these internet radio stations, social media sites and playlists:


Byron Bay, Australia:

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