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The Rainbow Connection now available on all platforms :)

The Rainbow Connection” is here! Please purchase at BandCamp and/or add this song to your playlist/library on your favorite platform:


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Some reviews: “Performed with delicate finesse and soulful resonance, the demo version of “The Rainbow Connection” rendition showcases the enchanting vocal prowess of the artist. Set against the backdrop of stripped-back simple acoustic guitar, her voice takes center stage, weaving a tapestry of warmth and nostalgia that transports listeners to a bygone era of innocence and wonder. The gentle strumming of the guitar sets a tranquil mood, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. As the melody unfolds, each lyric resonates with newfound poignancy, evoking memories of simpler times and universal truths. In the realm of timeless classics, few songs possess the enduring charm and universal appeal of “The Rainbow Connection.” Originally made famous by The Muppets and later by John Denver, this iconic melody has become synonymous with the spirit of peace, love, and harmony that defined the 1970s. Loved it!  – Oghamyst Music

“This track, from the very first round of chords, has me very excited! I especially liked this tempo management where you go from small sections where everything is flowing, to beautiful, poetic pauses; almost like breaths. Your voice moves between the highest and middle textures, alternating moments of greater power with others where your singing is very sweet and delicate. I like this track very much! Very good!” – The Hand Editions

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The Familiar Road is now available on all platforms

It’s here! Please purchase “The Familiar Road” at Bandcamp: (doing so directly supports my work as an artist) and/or listen on your favorite platform – post a comment and let me know your response to these tracks. The 7 songs on this album evoke tones of anger, confusion, passion, and depth regarding love sought and lost, existential questions and the ponderings of the meaning of my young adult life. Enjoy!


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Album Credits:

Catherine Scholz – vocals, guitar

Sean Gill – audio engineer, guitar (on some tracks)

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Review of “My Heaven” –

Hi again and thanks for submitting! “My Heaven” sounds like a heartfelt folk song that seems to delve into themes of longing, fulfillment, and the pursuit of inner peace. With only a guitar as accompaniment, the raw and unedited vocals add a sense of authenticity and vulnerability to the emotional journey portrayed in the lyrics. Opening with contemplation on the nature of heaven, questioning the dichotomy between blessings and curses, the protagonist yearns for a heaven defined by simple pleasures and the warmth of a lover’s embrace, contrasting the idealized image with the complexities of reality. Throughout the chorus, the protagonist reflects on their personal vision of heaven, characterized by an abundance of love and laughter. This sentiment is further emphasized through the imagery of falling for the moon on a cloudless night, highlighting the beauty found in moments of vulnerability and connection. As we progress in the song, the lyrics explore the elusive nature of peace and fulfillment, acknowledging the presence of unresolved dreams and unfulfilled desires. Despite feeling bound by metaphorical chains, the protagonist grapples with the notion that liberation is within reach, if only they had the courage to seize it. In the final chorus, the repetition of the phrase “My heaven” serves as a poignant reminder of the protagonist’s unwavering pursuit of happiness and contentment. Loved the soulful goodness! I will share it on my socials and playlist ASAP!

All the best and thanks! 🙂 – Oghamyst Music

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In partnership with Ursa Live, I will be performing a series of 12 live stream shows starting April 3rd as an “artist in residency.” This opportunity came about through one of my songs being discovered on the Acoustic Rizing playlist on Spotify. Mark your calendar for these dates:

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The Familiar Road coming soon and other news

My next release hails from my roots in southeastern Wisconsin. ‘The Familiar Road” was recorded in 1998 in New Berlin, Wisconsin by my friend and guitarist Sean Gill. The vocals are raw and unedited, capturing the emotional nuances of my life experiences from ages 18-24 before I moved to NorCal to take a job as a music therapist. Stay tuned for this 7-song EP due to drop at the end of this month. The lyrics all of my songs are all posted here on my website. The 7 songs on this album evoke tones of anger, confusion, passion, and depth regarding love sought and lost, existential questions and the ponderings of the meaning of my young adult life. Estimated release date: April 12, 2024. Please follow me on Spotify or whatever platform you listen to music on to be notified of the drop and give it a listen. The vocals are raw, unedited and confessional. Sean did a great job recording and adding guitar and bass. Enjoy!

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Review of “Right Here Now:”


“Right Here Now” blends elements of folk, reggae, and soft rock to create a laid-back and uplifting track with a classic 90s vibe. The fun song is intended to brighten the listeners’ day, bringing a smile to their faces, while also casually dancing away to the themes of self-awareness and compassion. With appealing female vocals leading the way, the song delivers a dynamic and harmonious sound that captures the essence of the 90s music era. The chill vibe of the song is enhanced by its rhythmic reggae influence, creating a relaxed atmosphere that invites listeners to sway along to the music. The songwriting of “Right Here Now” reflects on moments of introspection and self-discovery, acknowledging the ups and downs of life’s journey. Whether it’s feeling like a ghost in a bustling town or shining brightly like a star in the night sky, the song emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment and embracing both the light and dark aspects of life. Overall, “Right Here Now” is a feel-good anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their true selves and appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Loved it! I will share it on my socials and playlist ASAP! All the best and thanks! 🙂 – Oghamyst Music

“Take My Hand” new love song is here! and other updates

Happy Valentine’s Day, hope you’re feeling loved! My new love song “Take My Hand” is now available on all major platforms, enjoy! Purchase at BandCamp

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Production Credits and Details:

Release Date: 02/14/2024, single
Original song by Catherine Scholz (lyrics and music)
Guitar and vocals by Catherine Scholz
Recording assistance: Francisco Aviles
Mixing and mastering: Oz Fritz
Lyrics: Take my hand from now until then we’ll have eternity, you’ve given me love like I’ve never known, I return it gratefully. Now with all my heart and all of my soul I pledge this day in truth: take my hand and never forget how much I love you.

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Let This Be Enough” continues to gain traction and was featured here in Peru:

La navidad llena de buena música

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“Take My Hand” new love song coming soon!

Here’s a preview of my new love song, “Take My Hand” (original song):

I wrote this song many years ago and I’m grateful to Francisco Aviles for helping me get unstuck with recording this. He also mixed and mastered this version. Enjoy!

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Catherine Scholz

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New Love Song Coming Soon…

Stay tuned for a new love song or two coming soon! Meanwhile, Hammer and the Chimes is being featured on the Women of Substance podcast on January 15th here: (episode #1546, listen any time on demand)

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Acoustic Bliss: Chilling Mix 2024 | Week #5

Hammer and the Chimes was also featured on these internet radio shows:

New Year Updates: Hammer & the Chimes, Mixtape for Palestine

Mixtape for Palestine Updates

The fundraiser for the Middle East Children’s Alliance went live this week and the campaign has already raised over $2500. I’m honored that my song, “President” was chosen for this fundraising campaign. Please share the link to this campaign with those who would like to contribute.

“Hammer and the Chimes” is being featured on the Women of Substance Podcast on January 15, 2024…

Hammer and the Chimes” by Catherine Scholz is an original folk-inspired track that blends blends rhythmic and melancholic moods. This unique, endearing song features Catherine’s exceptional vocal presence which is accompanied by rhythmic and harmonic sounds of her acoustic grand piano and synth pads, create a serene and calming atmosphere.

With a knack for crafting melodies that resonate deeply, Catherine Scholz has drawn inspiration from notable artists such as Alanis Morisette, Sara Bareilles, and Ingrid Michaelson, successfully capturing their essence in her artistry. However, Catherine’s lyrics set her apart from these other artists, in that they provide a sense of acceptance, accountability and forgiveness after loss, misunderstanding and heartbreak.

Maintaining a medium energy level, “Hammer and the Chimes” delivers a beautiful balance of melody, harmony and rhythm, while the small energy variations add depth and nuance to the composition. At a tempo of 75 BPM, the song seamlessly transitions between gentle melodies and striking moments, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish.

Lyrics to Hammer and the Chimes

Live performance of Hammer and the Chimes at the Center of the Arts Grass Valley at the Right Here Now CD Release Concert

Live performance of Hammer and the Chimes at LadyFest

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Spotify Updates:

Over 1500 people are listening to my music on Spotify. Achieving this level of listeners has opened up more opportunities for Spotify promotions such as Marquee in the future.

Spotify Trends 12.28.23

Let This Be Enough” continues to get over 200 streams per day, thanks to the Discover Weekly algorithmic playlist on Spotify.

 "Let This Be Enough" hit 7.5k streams worldwide


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