New Year Updates: Hammer & the Chimes, Mixtape for Palestine

Mixtape for Palestine Updates

The fundraiser for the Middle East Children’s Alliance went live this week and the campaign has already raised over $2500. I’m honored that my song, “President” was chosen for this fundraising campaign. Please share the link to this campaign with those who would like to contribute.

“Hammer and the Chimes” is being featured on the Women of Substance Podcast on January 15, 2024…

Hammer and the Chimes” by Catherine Scholz is an original folk-inspired track that blends blends rhythmic and melancholic moods. This unique, endearing song features Catherine’s exceptional vocal presence which is accompanied by rhythmic and harmonic sounds of her acoustic grand piano and synth pads, create a serene and calming atmosphere.

With a knack for crafting melodies that resonate deeply, Catherine Scholz has drawn inspiration from notable artists such as Alanis Morisette, Sara Bareilles, and Ingrid Michaelson, successfully capturing their essence in her artistry. However, Catherine’s lyrics set her apart from these other artists, in that they provide a sense of acceptance, accountability and forgiveness after loss, misunderstanding and heartbreak.

Maintaining a medium energy level, “Hammer and the Chimes” delivers a beautiful balance of melody, harmony and rhythm, while the small energy variations add depth and nuance to the composition. At a tempo of 75 BPM, the song seamlessly transitions between gentle melodies and striking moments, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish.

Lyrics to Hammer and the Chimes

Live performance of Hammer and the Chimes at the Center of the Arts Grass Valley at the Right Here Now CD Release Concert

Live performance of Hammer and the Chimes at LadyFest

Playlist adds for Hammer and the Chimes:

Spotify Updates:

Over 1500 people are listening to my music on Spotify. Achieving this level of listeners has opened up more opportunities for Spotify promotions such as Marquee in the future.

Spotify Trends 12.28.23

Let This Be Enough” continues to get over 200 streams per day, thanks to the Discover Weekly algorithmic playlist on Spotify.

 "Let This Be Enough" hit 7.5k streams worldwide


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