Lyrics to Garden Gate

Two, three four… I’m gonna walk right through that open door and find some peace of mind… Six, seven, eight… I’m gonna open up that garden gate and sow some seeds inside… Ooooo, do do do do, some peace of mind. Ooooo, do do do do, some seeds inside. catherinescholz · Garden Gate

Right Here Now CD Disc Image

Right Here Now CD Orders

If you would like to order a CD, send $ in any amount using this link: and please include your mailing address. You may also pay using BitCoin using this QR code: Happy Holidays!! Photo by Linda Savitz L Savitz Fine Art and Design Album Artwork by Betsey Lekan Leach Special Thanks to John Kellner for making the replication possible! Listen:…

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Valentine’s Day at Haalo – Rescheduled

In my lovely northern California town, we have a very special herbal apothecary called Haalo, which stands for “Health Alternatives for All Locals.” It is more than an herb shop, it is a veritable vortex of healing energy. I am not able to perform at Haalo today because I caught a cold from my sweet daughter. Stay tuned for another…

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Touchdown Productions 20th Anniversary Party

Touchdown Productions has been producing quality video productions of local events since 1997, including my recent show at The Open Book. To help them celebrate 20 years of awesomeness, I will be performing a few of my original tunes at 151 Union Square in Grass Valley, CA on Saturday August, 20th as part of their celebration. The party starts at…

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Candlelight Vigil: After Pulse, Orlando FL

Please join me tomorrow night in downtown Nevada City to share in community healing with: Silent moments for collective remembrance The lighting of candles to honor the dead, the wounded, their families, and all marginalized communities dealing with both the abject grief and horror of this tragedy and the political backlash associated with it The creation of a central memorial…

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Videos from The Open Book Show

Videos from The Open Book Show in Grass Valley, CA on March 24, 2016 are now available on YouTube. Here is the playlist: More videos from the show will be added to this playlist as they are available. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to receive updates when they are added. Enjoy! -Catherine

Upcoming Concert: The Open Book Thursday March 24th

I’m excited to announce that I will be playing a full concert on Thursday, March 24th from 7-9pm at The Open Book in Grass Valley, California. I will be performing all-original songs from my two albums, Whirlwind Girl and Right Here Now, as well as some previously unreleased material. The Open Book (formerly Tomes Bookstore), is a sweet and intimate…

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Happy Holidays!

May your Holiday Season be filled with warm hugs, sweet kisses, good thoughts, laughter, joy and nourishing food and drink! In case you are thinking of buying one of my CDs as a gift for someone near or far and dear to you, CD Baby is offering 1-cent shipping on all orders at throughout this holiday season. Visit to buy…

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New Song: “Nothing to No One”

In music therapy, we use the “iso principle,” the same principle behind homeopathy: “Like cures like.” My intention with this song is to meet the listener with a matched vibration in order to dissolve it and let the truth of reality in: we are never truly alone, though sometimes we feel as though we are or wish to be. I…

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New Review of “Pearl” by UK music blogger, Flo Bannigan

On her “Angry Baby” music blog based in the UK, Flo Bannigan writes, “Pearl” is the sort of song that should be the soundtrack to a movie scene. I couldn’t help but picture a character riding a bike down the road in the rain! Catherine’s loose, dreamy vocal style is vaguely hypnotic, reminding me of a gentle, folk version of…

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Upcoming Performance at Give Peace a Song – International Day of Peace Celebration

My first live performance since the “Right Here Now” CD Release Concert will be on Sunday, September 20th, 2015 at the “Give Peace a Song” event in historic downtown Nevada City, California. Hope to see a great turnout for peace! More about the event from organizer, Lorraine Reich: In commemoration of the International Day of Peace, the Peace Center of Nevada…

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What are you listening to right now?

What are you listening to right now? Ingrid Michaelson‘s song “You and I” is playing here on Pandora. I’ve really been enjoying her music lately. Along with Sara Bareilles, Ray LaMontagne and KT Tunstall, they are some of my favorites. I’ve also been digging my Brazilian Radio channel on Pandora, which has, much to my enjoyment, somehow included UK artist Imogen Heap (who…

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Interviews with Catherine Scholz

What is your story with music?

How did you first come to love music? Do you have a defining moment that captured your attention and turned you into a fan of a particular artist? What is your story with music? Are you a musician yourself? I’ve been asked lots of questions about my music, my songwriting process, where my inspiration comes from and what my goals are….

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Search for Lyrics at

Do you pay attention to lyrics?

Some people listen to the music more than the words and for some people, understanding the lyrics to a song is key. What do you pay attention to when you listen to songs? Let me know by leaving a comment! Did you know that all the lyrics to my songs are available on Just click here and type the song…

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Right Here Now Album Details

Thank you for your patronage! Choose your amount (suggested donation $10-$20): Right Here Now 2014 ~ Tracks, Instrumentation and Credits 1. Right Here Now (pop mix) Catherine Scholz – vocals, keys, rhythm guitar Michael Logue – rhythm and lead guitars, vocals, production Jared May – bass Christopher Krotky – production, drums, percussion, additional keyboards, additional guitars Ivan Scheumack – drums…

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Lyrics to Fast and Pray

Fast and Pray – lyrics and music by Catherine Scholz Dearest lover, if there ever was a doubt in my mind, last night it disappeared. Do you remember the summer’s fog that found us naked in the night against all that we feared? Well I have found that place again but now it’s inside and no matter how dark the…

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Take it Easy Lyrics

Take it Easy – lyrics and music by Catherine Scholz Carol Ann, she went to sleep and never woke up. She never woke up to the morning. She never work up to the sound of tomorrow. She never woke up to try. And to try is to remember all the reasons she can’t touch, all the reasons she can’t fathom,…

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Lyrics to Expectations

Expectations – Lyrics and Music by Catherine Scholz I’m changing again, I’m losing my skin in this  transformation.   I loved you within and now I’ll love you without expectations.   I saw this through once, I saw through this twice in my imagination.   You gave me the time to make up my mind, I give you a standing…

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