Upcoming solo performance: Women’s Writing Salon

My next solo appearance will be at the Women’s Writing Salon in Grass Valley, CA on Saturday, September 11th (re-imagining this date in our history). I will be performing Last Long, Blue Day, Carol Ann (a new upcoming release!) and Whirlwind Girl. Then I will take a break to bring a new piece of human-life-music into our world around October…

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Upcoming show: Tahoe Green Fest

Upcoming Show: Tahoe Green Fest Saturday, July 10th Storyfield @ 7pm – admission by donation King’s Beach, North Lake Tahoe RSVP on –>  

Upcoming gig: Tahoe Green Fest July 10-11

We are excited to be performing at the 2010 Lake Tahoe Green Fest on July 10th and 11th at King’s Beach. From Sigba.org: GreenFEST is an education in sustainability with green exhibits from renewable energy, interactive activities for children, and organic food vendors. There will also be beer and wine tasting.

Lilith Fair Contest: We made it to 94/647 and the semi-finals have begun

Well, we had a good go of it in the Lilith Fair Contest at OurStage.com, landing at 94/647 female California entrants by the time judging ended last night (that’s the top 15%). The semi-finals have begun for the top 20, and a winner will be chosen in about a week. Personally, I enjoyed the whole process, from writing and producing…

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How to vote for “Right Here Now” in the Lilith Fair Contest

Here is a .pdf you can download and pass along to your friends with instructions on how to vote for our track, “Right Here Now” in the Lilith Fair Contest.  We need to get in the top 20 by Monday night! HowtoVoteforCatherine (Pdf download) Here are the instructions: 1) Register at OurStage.com here: http://www.ourstage.com/go/lilithcalifornia 2) Make Catherine your favorite artist…

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We’re at 91 – but I was wrong about the rules for the semi-finals!

Either they changed the rules or I was hallucinating, but I just downloaded the official rule sheet from OurStage.com and we need to be in the top 20 to make the semi-finals by Monday night!  Impossible?  Hardly.  With your help, we got this!  Here’s how: If you want to guarantee our track, Right Here Now, will come up at least…

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We’re at 104/632 in the Lilith Fair Contest! How to make our track come up at least once a day

If you want to guarantee our track, Right Here Now, will come up at least once a day in your judging process, simply make Catherine Scholz your “favorite artist” by clicking the green button above once, then again when you get to the OurStage website. We’re only 4 spots away from making the semi-finals in the Lilith Fair Competition!  Have…

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Lilith Fair Contest: We’re at 117/634 – need to get into top 20 by Monday to make semi-finals

We’re at 117/634 – getting so close to the top 100 – and the top 20 is where we need to be by Monday to make semi-finals.  This is so exciting to think we have a shot at playing at Lilith Fair on July 5th in San Francisco.  The thought of putting together a band and rehearsing a full set,…

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Lilith Fair Contest: We are rising up in the ranks – keep judging!

Lilith Fair Contest Update We’re at 161/600! If you have been judging online, THANK YOU! (and please keep going!) We would like to know more about your experience: 1) How much time have you spent listening to and judging tracks? 2) Have you come across our track, “Right Here Now“?  If so, how many times? 3) What do you think…

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Lilith Fair Contest: We need your help!

Lilith Fair Contest Update: our track has slid to 365/566! Can you help?  Here’s an incentive for taking some time out of your schedule to help us out. 1) Follow this direct link to judge tracks in the California category 2) Judge tracks until you get to Right Here Now 3) Take a screenshot of the page (how-to tutorial here)…

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Lilith Fair Contest: Judging has begun at OurStage.com!

Judge at OurStage.com: or JUDGE ON: We submitted our track, “Right Here Now” to the 2010 Lilith Fair Local Talent Search: California at OurStage.com Friday afternoon, about 3 hours before the judging officially started.  Within 2 days, our track jumped from 580/580 entries to 204/580! If you would like to have an influence on how this contest turns out, you…

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Lilith Fair Contest: Time extended and playing field narrowed

The Lilith Fair Local Talent Search has extended the entry deadline to May 22nd, though judging on OurStage.com will begin on May 1st, 2010.  They have also narrowed the playing field by region so I will be competing with other artists from California and Hawaii instead of the whole world and if selected, I would be performing in San Francisco,…

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New audio sample: Right Here Now v2.0

Michael Logue and I have put in some more hours on Right Here Now, the track we are submitting at the end of this month for the Lilith Fair Contest on OurStage.com.  Give this new version of Right Here Now a listen and let us know your thoughts here on my blog.  Last time we posted a sample, we got…

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Lilith Fair: list of confirmed artists

“Being a part of Lilith Fair was inspiring on so many levels. Besides discovering new music everyday and sharing the stage with an incredible array of talented women, it was wonderful to see established and new artists alike have the opportunity to play in front of much larger or more diverse audiences than usual. With that in mind, I am…

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2010 Lilith Fair Competition at OurStage.com

(update 5.29.10: Semi-Finals are almost over for the top 20) Announcing… I am entering a contest at OurStage.com to compete for a spot on the 2010 Lilith Fair tour.  If you would like to see me and my band perform live on the Lilith Fair Tour, please consider giving some of your time and attention over the next few months…

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New song sample: “Right Here Now”

I am excited to share this preview sample of “Right Here Now” with you. This song is being recorded at SunSound Studios in Grass Valley, CA. Enjoy the expanded slow rock feel with vocal harmonies and lyrics that remind us to stay present. [audio:new_scratches/RightHereNowSample.mp3] This song is going to be on the next album. Lyrics: Sometimes she speaks without making…

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Upcoming Performance: See Jane Do’s Passion into Action Conference

Announcing: I have been asked to perform “Right Here Now” live at the upcoming See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference to be held at the Holiday Inn Express in Grass Valley on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010.  The song is currently being co-produced with Michael Logue at SunSound Studios and “Right Here Now” will be available on compact disc at…

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New Song Sample: You Are Loved

Here is my first attempt at making music for all you dancers out there… [audio:/new_scratches/YouAreLoved.mp3] Special thanks to Michael Logue for guidance with some of the more advanced aspects of audio engineering!