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New Love Song Coming Soon…

Stay tuned for a new love song or two coming soon! Meanwhile, Hammer and the Chimes is being featured on the Women of Substance podcast on January 15th here: (episode #1546, listen any time on demand)

Hammer and the Chimes was featured on Rock and Birra radio here:

and on QALT here:

Acoustic Bliss: Chilling Mix 2024 | Week #5

Hammer and the Chimes was also featured on these internet radio shows:

New release soon: Hallelujah, updates on LTBE and more

New Release Coming Soon

Donate via VenmoI’m pleased to announce that for the holidays, I will be releasing my version of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen in collaboration with Francisco Aviles on classical guitar and Oz Fritz on ProTools. “Hallelujah” is an often-requested song by my listeners, people find it comforting and so it will be perfect for creating that chill holiday vibe. Please consider donating to this project as I am an indie artist producing music without the assistance of a label (THANK YOU). If you do not have a Venmo account, you can send $ to me via PayPal (using friends and family avoids expensive fees) or send a check to Catherine Scholz, 10126 Alta Sierra Dr. #228, Grass Valley, CA 95949. Cash in hand is always good, too!

More Playlist Adds

In the meantime, “Let This Be Enough” has been added to more playlists through another successful Groover campaign. Each playlist name is linked to Spotify in the list below so you can check them out and add them to your collection.

you in mind…
72 Pop Music
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CakeLoud Party Music
72 Summer Music 2023
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Soundcree Pop

Progress in Popularity

MusicStax.comLet This Be Enough” has also gone from 16% to 27% in popularity (a 60% increase). According to Indie Music Academy), if this song it goes up just 3 more percentage points in popularity, it could trigger the Spotify algorithm for getting placed on the highly coveted Discover Weekly playlist. Being on this Spotify playlist could result in a huge boost in exposure. This boost in exposure could lead to the social proof I need to get my music licensed for film/TV/games which could result in an ongoing income stream (my ultimate goal). If a song reaches 50% in the popularity score, it could get featured on the Spotify Editorial Playlist, another coveted goal for composers/publishers like myself.

College Radio Charts

# 8 on the NACA ChartsIn its first week of radio airplay, “Let This Be Enough” has also charted #8 on the National College Radio Association charts thanks to the good folks at Tinderbox Music in Minneapolis. The song is now charting in the top 600 on  weighted and and top 400 on unweighted NACA charts.

According to Jon at Tinderbox, “the unweighted charts count every station equally. A small community college radio station counts the same as the largest non-commercial radio station, regardless of market size…  November 1, 2023 – UnweightedThe weighted charts adjust for wattage, listenership, and a variety of other factors. KCRW in Los Angeles and KCMP  in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) are very large stations, which are then assigned a “weight…” They’re weighted as a 5 or 6, meaning a #1 charting there will be worth 5 or 6 times as much as a small station. Back in the day, the CMJ chart back was completely weighted, as is the NACC chart that Brandon now uses here at Tinderbox. The weighed chart basically emphasizes a core group of influential stations.” Jon also added “We are sure you’ll continue to move up. Be aware if you’re getting towards or into the Top 200 (weighted), it can be difficult as there’s few self-released records, you’re squaring off against weightier indies and majors the further you go.”


Spotify provides information about who is listening and appreciating my music in general. These graphics show that my listeners are mostly female and in the 23-27 year age range. My top listening cities are Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, Ashburn and New York. Knowing my demographics will help if and when I have budget for running ads on Facebook and/or Spotify in the future.

Reminder About Upcoming Podcast Feature

Tomorrow, November 6th, “Let This Be Enough” will be featured on the Women of Substance podcast on iTunes. This podcast features “the best new music by Female Indie Artists and Female-Fronted Bands in all genres hand-picked by Bree Noble. Women of Substance Radio has provided a platform for female Indie talent since 2007 and was transitioned into a Podcast in 2014. Each show features 10 – 15 songs and Host Beth Matthew provides interesting tidbits about the artists.”

Thanks for reading, supporting, donating and sharing my music on social media, I really appreciate it! Also, please use the Spotify player below to listen and save my music on Spotify as well as follow me on Spotify to show your interest in my upcoming release of “Hallelujah.” You might notice that I have been curating playlists on Spotify as well, so check those out and feel free to add them to your collection.

Radio interview with April Miranda 6.28.23

April Miranda, KVMR DJ extraordinaire, will be interviewing me about my new song, “Let This Be Enough” at 12:30pm PST Wednesday June 28, 2023. Tune in to the live stream at KVMR .org to listen in. You can also listen to my past radio interviews including April on my website.

New song: “Let This Be Enough” in the studio June 19th

I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be working with Oz Fritz and a bunch of other amazing artists to produce my song, “Let This Be Enough.” This song has a relaxed southern feel, much like “Let It Be Me” by Ray LaMontagne, one of my musical influences.

Joining me in the studio will be violinist Mei Lin Heirendt (Broken Compass) and percussionist Mark McCartney on kit/brushes. Pete Grant will be tracking pedal steel/dobro, Jared May will be tracking bass and Tommy Coster will be tracking piano.

Ancient Wave Studios in Nevada City, CA will be hosting us and providing me with the rental of their Martin D35 guitar that belonged to the legendary Saul Rayo.

If you would like to donate to this production (please do), you can send funds via Venmo or PayPal
Venmo for Catherine Scholz
About this song:

“Let This Be Enough” is a heart-felt call from anyone who has given their everything to someone or something and it wasn’t enough for the receiver.

It could be the voice of the Earth itself, an unrequited love, a deep yearning for reciprocation.

It could be the voice of anyone who has gotten rejected over text messaging or on Discord.

This song could be sung by any single mother or father who goes to sleep exhausted at the end of a day when they aren’t sure where tomorrow’s groceries are coming from.

For anyone who has ever been without a home and felt like their basic right to exist has been violated over and over again.

For people who have been excluded from the economy because what they offer cannot be commodified.

For anyone who longs to love another deeply through all the ups and downs of this life.

For those who have been lied to, cheated on and otherwise left alone without any understanding of why they were left.

And lastly for those who have been sexually abused and question their right to experience bodily pleasure ever again.

This song is for you.

New Song: “Nothing to No One”

In music therapy, we use the “iso principle,” the same principle behind homeopathy: “Like cures like.” My intention with this song is to meet the listener with a matched vibration in order to dissolve it and let the truth of reality in: we are never truly alone, though sometimes we feel as though we are or wish to be.

I recently got inspired to record it when I read a post from a woman who expressed her deep despair about the demands of being a mother. This woman bravely expressed her complete disinterest in being a mother, though she thought she wanted to become one at first. How many of us mothers have had this feeling from time to time? I know she’s not alone, but she must have been feeling incredibly isolated from a loving tribe who could help her navigate the murky and mysterious waters of motherhood. In any case, her brave sharing on a secret Facebook group I’m in reminded me of this song I wrote a while back when I was going through a time when I was feeling like I had nothing more to give to the world.

I hope this song will be helpful for those who need to “break bonds” with unhealthy patterns, people or relationships in their lives. I invite you to feel the emotion behind this song, embrace it and let it pass so that an awareness of interconnectedness can rise up in your consciousness and lift your spirits. I wrote it years ago, but it still has potency today.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with your impressions.


V1: Let me go, for I desire nothing else. Let me gone and nothing to no one.

Until spring comes, I can only imagine flight, but for now, I’m buried in the ground.

CHORUS: Nothing, nothing, nothing to no one.

Ooooh, oh I am sinking down now.

V2: Oh my love, would you dance with the one who no longer walks in the sun? Are you looking for your own resurrection? I dance alone with darkness and moonlight to guide my steps. I dance alone, my victory is elusive.


V3: Do not rescue me, sweet lover, do not save me this time, oh my sweet, sweet lover. Let me go, for I desire nothing else. Let me gone and nothing to no one.

Live on KVMR with April Miranda

KVMR.orgI’m going to perform live on the Women’s Show on my local community radio station, KVMR (89.5FM & 105.1FM Truckee) tonight at 8:30pm PST (that’s 6:30pm HI/9:30pmMST/10:30pmEST/4:30amLondon).

For listeners worldwide, the show will be streaming live at DJ April Miranda will be hosting the show.

I’ll be talking about my next album project and my CD release concert at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, CA on Friday, May 23rd, 2014. For more details about the concert, visit this blog post.

Listen to my past radio interviews:

Here is the replay:

New Album Update

As we move into the Holidays, I am excited to be moving forward with the new album. All the elements are coming together in such beautiful ways.

I’m excited that Christopher Krotky-Chavez at Studios7G in Fairfax, CA will be mixing my tracks. He’s a very skilled ProTools engineer and also brings his creative ideas to the project.

And the very talented Ananda Vaughan is going to be doing some tracking on my new bluesy song, “Expectations” (click here to listen to a sample!). Please leave a comment on SoundCloud with your impressions.

This song was called “The New Easy” and though I had all the chords mapped out, it was missing lyrics for a long time. I went forward with tracking the guitar, drums and bass with only a melody in my head. Then last week I found some lyrics my friend Chris Pumphrey and I wrote years ago when we were in a duo called “Blue Poppy,” and when I put the lyrics with the music, they just fit perfectly. I love it when that happens!

For the web curious, I’ve updated my website with a new video player and better styling (check it out!).

I am so grateful for your support and the ability to make music.

Have a most happy Thanksgiving!


Jared May tracking bass

Jared MayJared May tracked on a bunch of my songs recently at SunSound Studios. He always amazes me with the variety of styles he plays and the ease with which he picks up new material. Thanks Jared! The tracks sound really stellar so far.