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New Song: “Nothing to No One”

In music therapy, we use the “iso principle,” the same principle behind homeopathy: “Like cures like.” My intention with this song is to meet the listener with a matched vibration in order to dissolve it and let the truth of reality in: we are never truly alone, though sometimes we feel as though we are or wish to be.

I recently got inspired to record it when I read a post from a woman who expressed her deep despair about the demands of being a mother. This woman bravely expressed her complete disinterest in being a mother, though she thought she wanted to become one at first. How many of us mothers have had this feeling from time to time? I know she’s not alone, but she must have been feeling incredibly isolated from a loving tribe who could help her navigate the murky and mysterious waters of motherhood. In any case, her brave sharing on a secret Facebook group I’m in reminded me of this song I wrote a while back when I was going through a time when I was feeling like I had nothing more to give to the world.

I hope this song will be helpful for those who need to “break bonds” with unhealthy patterns, people or relationships in their lives. I invite you to feel the emotion behind this song, embrace it and let it pass so that an awareness of interconnectedness can rise up in your consciousness and lift your spirits. I wrote it years ago, but it still has potency today.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with your impressions.


V1: Let me go, for I desire nothing else. Let me gone and nothing to no one.

Until spring comes, I can only imagine flight, but for now, I’m buried in the ground.

CHORUS: Nothing, nothing, nothing to no one.

Ooooh, oh I am sinking down now.

V2: Oh my love, would you dance with the one who no longer walks in the sun? Are you looking for your own resurrection? I dance alone with darkness and moonlight to guide my steps. I dance alone, my victory is elusive.


V3: Do not rescue me, sweet lover, do not save me this time, oh my sweet, sweet lover. Let me go, for I desire nothing else. Let me gone and nothing to no one.

Live on KVMR with April Miranda

KVMR.orgI’m going to perform live on the Women’s Show on my local community radio station, KVMR (89.5FM & 105.1FM Truckee) tonight at 8:30pm PST (that’s 6:30pm HI/9:30pmMST/10:30pmEST/4:30amLondon).

For listeners worldwide, the show will be streaming live at DJ April Miranda will be hosting the show.

I’ll be talking about my next album project and my CD release concert at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, CA on Friday, May 23rd, 2014. For more details about the concert, visit this blog post.

Listen to my past radio interviews:

Here is the replay:

New Album Update

As we move into the Holidays, I am excited to be moving forward with the new album. All the elements are coming together in such beautiful ways.

I’m excited that Christopher Krotky-Chavez at Studios7G in Fairfax, CA will be mixing my tracks. He’s a very skilled ProTools engineer and also brings his creative ideas to the project.

And the very talented Ananda Vaughan is going to be doing some tracking on my new bluesy song, “Expectations” (click here to listen to a sample!). Please leave a comment on SoundCloud with your impressions.

This song was called “The New Easy” and though I had all the chords mapped out, it was missing lyrics for a long time. I went forward with tracking the guitar, drums and bass with only a melody in my head. Then last week I found some lyrics my friend Chris Pumphrey and I wrote years ago when we were in a duo called “Blue Poppy,” and when I put the lyrics with the music, they just fit perfectly. I love it when that happens!

For the web curious, I’ve updated my website with a new video player and better styling (check it out!).

I am so grateful for your support and the ability to make music.

Have a most happy Thanksgiving!


Jared May tracking bass

Jared MayJared May tracked on a bunch of my songs recently at SunSound Studios. He always amazes me with the variety of styles he plays and the ease with which he picks up new material. Thanks Jared! The tracks sound really stellar so far.

Studio Session with Mark McCartney

Here is some “footie from the sesh” recorded on May 7th at SunSound Studios with Michael Logue on the board & Mark McCartney on drums. Mark tracked on “Hammer and the Chimes,” “Whirlwind Girl,” and “Movin’ On.”  Special thanks to Mark’s wife, Lesli Schwartz for assisting with Bridget-care! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear the new mixes! Here is a little video sample of Mark rockin’ it on “Hammer and the Chimes”:

Mark McCartney in the house

mark_trackingI’m excited to bring Mark McCartney into the studio to track on drums – Mark has played live with me at the Whirlwind Girl CD Release and at Lake Tahoe Green Fest. Mark brings a sophistication to the music that comes from 40 years of experience playing with bands such as Shana Morrison, Perry Mills Project, Claddagh, Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald, GreenThings, and Achilles Wheel.

He will be tracking on 3 songs: Whirlwind Girl, Hammer and the Chimes and Movin’ On.

I will post another blog and email as soon as I have a new version to share – stay tuned!