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July Livestream dates (all at 11am PST): July 10, July 17, July 24th and July 31st

8am HST | 11am PST | 12pm MST | 1pm CST | 2pm EST | 7pm UK | 9pm Turkey

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The Serenity Project

The Serenity Project

Employing the musical arrangement of The Serenity Prayer by Robert Kelaghan, dedicated to those of us affected by addiction whether in recovery and/or supporting someone… Catherine Scholz will be recording Robert’s arrangement of this prayer and producing the track for worldwide distribution during the summer of 2024. Estimated release date: 9/1/2024.

Half the proceeds of download sales from this song will benefit the care of Robert Kelaghan (sent directly to Punita Greenberg) and half will be donated to Refuge Recovery (a non-profit organization supporting those in recovery). Streaming revenues on all platforms will go directly to the executive producer of this project, Catherine Scholz.

Musicians personally touched by addiction and moved by the prospect of giving back to the recovery community are invited to participate in this project. The lyrics (adapted by Scholz to appeal to believers and non-believers alike):

“Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference oh, grant me serenity, grant me serenity.”

The success of this project will rely upon the sharing this project widely among the community of those who loved and appreciated Robert’s music as well as those in recovery. Questions may be directed via email to Catherine Scholz.

The Serenity Prayer
Photo credit: Jef de Buyzer 2006

May the best outcome be for all beings!

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The Familiar Road is now available on all platforms

It’s here! Please purchase “The Familiar Road” at Bandcamp: (doing so directly supports my work as an artist) and/or listen on your favorite platform – post a comment and let me know your response to these tracks. The 7 songs on this album evoke tones of anger, confusion, passion, and depth regarding love sought and lost, existential questions and the ponderings of the meaning of my young adult life. Enjoy!


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Album Credits:

Catherine Scholz – vocals, guitar

Sean Gill – audio engineer, guitar (on some tracks)

All of my music is now available for purchase through BandCamp here:

Review of “My Heaven” –

Hi again and thanks for submitting! “My Heaven” sounds like a heartfelt folk song that seems to delve into themes of longing, fulfillment, and the pursuit of inner peace. With only a guitar as accompaniment, the raw and unedited vocals add a sense of authenticity and vulnerability to the emotional journey portrayed in the lyrics. Opening with contemplation on the nature of heaven, questioning the dichotomy between blessings and curses, the protagonist yearns for a heaven defined by simple pleasures and the warmth of a lover’s embrace, contrasting the idealized image with the complexities of reality. Throughout the chorus, the protagonist reflects on their personal vision of heaven, characterized by an abundance of love and laughter. This sentiment is further emphasized through the imagery of falling for the moon on a cloudless night, highlighting the beauty found in moments of vulnerability and connection. As we progress in the song, the lyrics explore the elusive nature of peace and fulfillment, acknowledging the presence of unresolved dreams and unfulfilled desires. Despite feeling bound by metaphorical chains, the protagonist grapples with the notion that liberation is within reach, if only they had the courage to seize it. In the final chorus, the repetition of the phrase “My heaven” serves as a poignant reminder of the protagonist’s unwavering pursuit of happiness and contentment. Loved the soulful goodness! I will share it on my socials and playlist ASAP!

All the best and thanks! :) – Oghamyst Music

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Save the dates: 12 Live-streaming shows starting April 3rd

LiveStreaming Shows

RSVP on Bands in Town:

In partnership with Ursa Live, I will be performing a series of 12 live stream shows starting April 3rd as an “artist in residency.” This opportunity came about through one of my songs being discovered on the Acoustic Rizing playlist on Spotify. Mark your calendar for these dates:

Login to Ursa.Live at 2pm HST/4pm PST/6pm CST/ 7pm EST/ midnight UK

April 17th – June 26th

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Upcoming live performance on KVMR radio and more updates

Tune into online or at 89.5FM in Nevada County area on Wednesday December 13th at noon PST for a live performance set with Francisco Aviles on guitar and vocals. April Miranda will be hosting.

Let This Be Enough” continues to climb the unweighted college charts through a campaign with Tinderbox Music.

Here are some more adds for LTBE and Hallelujah:

Radio interview with April Miranda 6.28.23

April Miranda, KVMR DJ extraordinaire, will be interviewing me about my new song, “Let This Be Enough” at 12:30pm PST Wednesday June 28, 2023. Tune in to the live stream at KVMR .org to listen in. You can also listen to my past radio interviews including April on my website.

New Music Videos from The Phoenix and Production Updates

The studio session at Ancient Wave went so smoothly, which is not surprising given the level of skill and talent I had the privilege of working with! Here are some new live performances from The Phoenix Taphouse open mike on May 25, 2023. Hope to see you at my upcoming show there on June 24th! RSVP to LMK. Included in this playlist: Cactus Flower, Nothing’s Wrong and Movin On. Next step in the production process for “Let This Be Enough” will be adding in bass, dobro and piano/keys and locking in my vocals. The mix already sounds super pro, almost radio-ready. Check out the photos taken by John Taber.

Live performance at The Phoenix TapHouse June 24th Grass Valley

On Saturday June 24th from 6-8pm I will be doing a live set at the new Phoenix TapHouse in Grass Valley, CA. The Phoenix is a new hotspot, serving fresh local beers on tap as well as southern-syle meals. Try their chili!

I played a few songs at their open mike night recently and enjoyed meeting new people and hearing some fresh tunes. They have been working hard at generating buzz about their offerings. Invite your friends and RSVP on Facebook here:


Hope to see you there!