New Song: “Nothing to No One”

In music therapy, we use the “iso principle,” the same principle behind homeopathy: “Like cures like.” My intention with this song is to meet the listener with a matched vibration in order to dissolve it and let the truth of reality in: we are never truly alone, though sometimes we feel as though we are or wish to be.

I recently got inspired to record it when I read a post from a woman who expressed her deep despair about the demands of being a mother. This woman bravely expressed her complete disinterest in being a mother, though she thought she wanted to become one at first. How many of us mothers have had this feeling from time to time? I know she’s not alone, but she must have been feeling incredibly isolated from a loving tribe who could help her navigate the murky and mysterious waters of motherhood. In any case, her brave sharing on a secret Facebook group I’m in reminded me of this song I wrote a while back when I was going through a time when I was feeling like I had nothing more to give to the world.

I hope this song will be helpful for those who need to “break bonds” with unhealthy patterns, people or relationships in their lives. I invite you to feel the emotion behind this song, embrace it and let it pass so that an awareness of interconnectedness can rise up in your consciousness and lift your spirits. I wrote it years ago, but it still has potency today.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment with your impressions.


V1: Let me go, for I desire nothing else. Let me gone and nothing to no one.

Until spring comes, I can only imagine flight, but for now, I’m buried in the ground.

CHORUS: Nothing, nothing, nothing to no one.

Ooooh, oh I am sinking down now.

V2: Oh my love, would you dance with the one who no longer walks in the sun? Are you looking for your own resurrection? I dance alone with darkness and moonlight to guide my steps. I dance alone, my victory is elusive.


V3: Do not rescue me, sweet lover, do not save me this time, oh my sweet, sweet lover. Let me go, for I desire nothing else. Let me gone and nothing to no one.


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