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Lyrics to “Just Not Like Her”

Just Not Like Her

Lyrics and music by Catherine Scholz

Some say she rations her kisses.

Some say she’s selling the lot.

Some say she’s smoking the smidgens of something she simply is not.

Come drink from her wineglass of wishes.

Maybe she’ll give you a shot.

‘Cause brother, you’re just standing witness.

Remember the love that you’ve got.

You see, this is her reckless memory of kisses and sweetness and wine.

Some say that she’s pining for penance,

dropping light-years down endless heart-mines.

But silence is all she requires for dancing and diving within.

So no one can make her a promise.

No one can do that again.

Can love track her down in the darkness?

She bids love to wring out the red.

Can lovers reshape the old treasons that run like the wind through her head?

She’s never been quite so forsaken.

She’s never been quite so unsure.

Her soul has not been quite this shaken.

She’s never allowed this before.

And it’s just not like her to be waiting around,

Standing alone with her feet on the ground.

No, it’s just not like her to be humble and free,

Hungry for humor and mystery.

Please come to her garden of wishes

and maybe she’ll give you a plot.

‘Cause brother you’re just standing witness.

Remember the love that you’ve got.


Lyrics to “Hammer and the Chimes” by Catherine Scholz

The Hammer and the Chimes

Lyrics and music by Catherine Scholz

Your eyes took me to places I’d longed to know.

Goodbyes are tearful faces afraid to show.

Memories of the time we spent

Cannot be taken from my mind.

Perhaps the only purpose we had

Was listening to the hammer and the chimes.

Then our fears got in the way.

It’s clear that I had to pay.

Would you admit that we both had a part to play?

Our fears got in the way.

So many things I’d like to say

Without my words getting in the way

There’s so many things I’d like to do

If only I could get through to you.

Your eyes took me to places I’d longed to go.

Goodbyes are tearful faces letting go.


Lyrics to “Whirlwind Girl” by Catherine Scholz

Whirlwind Girl

Lyrics and music by Catherine Scholz (©2008)

Whirlwind girl, spinning dust.
Spinning Tree, she must be lost by now.

By now her leaves have gone from green
to shades of yellow, orange, red,
to bridges, then to rivers,
then to sea…

Whirlwind girl, spinning time.
Spinning Tree, she must be fine right now.
By now she’s light, though lost and nameless,
hungrier, though young and blameless,
strange to be given something free.


Growing her roots straight down,
waving her leafless crown,
holding the cryin’ ground,
Spinning Tree.

Whirlwind girl, spinning gold.
Spinning stars, she must be old by now.
And like the nights, her sighs grow longer.
And as her tender roots grow stronger,
Her heart becomes a whirlwind spreading dust,
as it must.

Whirlwind girl, spinning round.
Holding Earth, she knows to kiss the ground.
Forever home, though lost and nameless,
Hungrier, though young and blameless,
Strange to be given something free. Spinning Tree.


Whirlwind Woman, spinning fire.
Spinning sound, her own desires near.
Happier, her name is faceless,
Healthier, though old and blameless,
strange to be given something free,
and now it’s strange to be GIVING something free,
Spinning Tree.


What listeners say about the music of Catherine Scholz…

What listeners have said about the music of Catherine Scholz…

“It is rare an artist comes along… where their music, their lyrics, dive deep through to your soul. Catherine Scholz is one of those artists…” – Linda Savitz

{Her}…music evokes so much emotion and beauty…” – Elisa Parker, KVMR DJ

“Cool, but not detached; passionate, but not preachy; intelligent, but not smarter-than-thou stylish alt-folk… informed alternately by Shawn Colvin’s eye for detail, Joni Mitchell’s ear for melody and a rootsy, homespun feel. The purity of her lullaby voice is framed by tasteful, understated playing and the overall effect is like a warm bed on a summer Sunday…” – Paul in the UK

“Warm, beautiful, straight to the heart…” -Barbara Tanksley

“There is something about Catherine’s music that seems to break down barriers… Her voice has a rich, real presence and friendliness… it’s also that her songs are as forthright and guileless as they are absorbing and alluring. This music may surprise you in how it opens you up. Listen… and see if you connect with this artist. You don’t have to try very hard. You don’t have to try at all.” – Bob Villwock

“Full body deep meaningful, yet soft and gentle, while being soothing and easy to listen to… pleasure and bliss…” – Sunwolf

“Reminiscent of the great folk singers that I grew up with, Catherine’s new CD is filled with heartfelt, emotionally provocative lyrics… With every listen, the songs keep taking me deeper toward a joyous, peaceful state of being…” – Tom Gill

“…Catherine’s songs communicate deep emotion characteristic of a woman searching for the maturing parts of herself. Love, loss, and meaning are presented in a pastiche that is true and irresistible. Her music speaks to all of mankind with gentleness and truth.” – MaryAnn Ferolo

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