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Whirlwind Girl now available at Rhapsody Online

Whirlwind Girl by Catherine Scholz with Michael Logue – now at Rhapsody Online.

Has music been devalued?

Andrew Dubber's Blog in Action: use your phone to make a difference

Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off Video

Dance-Off Videop the blogging community for women

Me & Sandy - prerun by  (bodalorna), by  (CatScholz), by  (suzanne.reisman), by Lawrence Luk - all rights reserved by  (jessicaAParentinSilverSpring), Uncensored's Kristen, and me. by  (The Dana Files), Goose Mouse's Julie, and Oliver by  (The Dana Files), by  (adriennevh), Mama/Sandie multi tasking by  (jessicaAParentinSilverSpring), MOM!  Sandie walking with Jonah by  (jessicaAParentinSilverSpring), Cutting by  (Bozoette),

BlogHer is an online community for women who blog. You can join BlogHer to learn about blogging, gain additional exposure for your blogs and you can even start your first blog there if you want to.

BlogHer has more than 13,000 members and 10,000 blogs on their blog list.  Their mission is to “create a community that is fun, informative and supportive.”

From, here are 10 ways to jump-start your experience:

Have fun with it!

My playlist on iLike

Are you on Facebook? I am loving this application called iLike. I created a playlist and can share songs easily with friends.

You can listen to my favorite songs here: iLike playlist.

And I encourage you to create your own iLike playlist through Facebook. Tons of fun!


How is Catherine’s music doing on

Music From Around the World

Click anywhere on the earth, and listen to the music.