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Whirlwind Girl is being ReReleased

Before I start my next full album project, there are some adjustments I’m making to some of my tracks from Whirlwind Girl (2008). Stay tuned to my blog and/or my email list for new versions as I release them and please comment if you would like to share your thoughts about the changes I have made. This music is for you!

Television Appearance this Friday

I will be a guest on April Miranda’s Mountain Beat Music show on NCTV this Friday. See live performances of “Whirlwind Girl,” “Cactus Flower,” “Movin’ On,” and “Hallelujah” on Comcast Channel 11 at 6:00pm, or stay tuned for the replay of the videos on my website.

New blog: SunSound Studios Spotlight featuring independent artists of Nevada County, CA

SunSound has a new blog that features Mp3 samples of artists who have recorded, mixed and/or mastered their projects with SunSound:
SunSound Studios Spotlight

About SunSound Studios: SunSound Studios is a modern digital sound studio for music production, broadcast radio production, web radio & podcasting, multi-media & spoken word.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality digital audio production with a diversity of support services in a positive & welcoming environment for our community and beyond…

In-house services include:

Multi-Track Recording

Blog Design
Graphic Design

Production Packages for Demo’s, EP’s and full album projects

Classes in Audio Editing

Contact: 530-477-7289 for more information or email info @

Catherine’s Piano Classes for Children

Music Literacy Through Piano Classes
taught by Catherine Scholz

Catherine created her Music Literacy Through Piano Classes from over 11 years of training and experience as a credentialed K-12 music educator and board-certified music therapist.

Her compassionate teaching style and individualized instruction give students a solid musical foundation on which to build a lifetime love of music.

Catherine’s students enjoy learning how to play, sing, read and write music through a variety of modes:

  • 1:1 Piano, vocal and rhythmic instruction
  • Music theory workbook
  • Interactive ear-training program that facilitates note-name and pitch recognition
  • Independent practice with headphones

Students are given the opportunity to perform in a yearly spring recital.  After graduating from Catherine’s program, students may go on to study piano, composition or any musical instrument with a deep understanding of how music works.  Contact Catherine for more information: 530-906-6529 and/or visit

Happy Holydays!

Happy Holy-days!

No matter what your religious beliefs, may you be safe, may you have mental peace, may you have physical peace, and may you live with the ease of well-being.
I am constantly amazed by the mysterious generosity of this world.  Just when I think I’ve experienced all the goodness that I possibly can, another amazing moment arises and it seems that
all I have
to do is choose to accept it.

An overview of 2008: This year, I co-produced “Whirlwind Girl” with Michael Logue at SunSound Studios.  Thanks to CDBaby, it’s on iTunes, Rhapsody, Pandora and many more.

On the homefront: My son turned 6 and he continually surprises me with new questions about reality, causing me to question everything I believe in the process.  This is a good thing!

What’s next? New Album Ideas:

I am currently in the brainstorming process for my next album project.  Right now I am considering a 2009 Winter Solstice album.  If you have ideas to share, please share them at my guestbook on my website.

In gratitude: Thank you, my faithful listeners, for supporting my musical path in so many ways, from buying the album, writing reviews, inviting me to play at events and on the radio, and sending me love on the internet and by email.  I would especially like to thank Michael Logue for all of his magical love and support.

Stay tuned to for more exciting developments in 2009!

Yours in harmony,


“See Jane Do” airs this Wednesday

See Jane Do

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