Catherine’s Piano Classes for Children

Music Literacy Through Piano Classes
taught by Catherine Scholz

Catherine created her Music Literacy Through Piano Classes from over 11 years of training and experience as a credentialed K-12 music educator and board-certified music therapist.

Her compassionate teaching style and individualized instruction give students a solid musical foundation on which to build a lifetime love of music.

Catherine’s students enjoy learning how to play, sing, read and write music through a variety of modes:

  • 1:1 Piano, vocal and rhythmic instruction
  • Music theory workbook
  • Interactive ear-training program that facilitates note-name and pitch recognition
  • Independent practice with headphones

Students are given the opportunity to perform in a yearly spring recital.  After graduating from Catherine’s program, students may go on to study piano, composition or any musical instrument with a deep understanding of how music works.  Contact Catherine for more information: 530-906-6529 and/or visit

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