New audio sample: Right Here Now v2.0

Michael Logue and I have put in some more hours on Right Here Now, the track we are submitting at the end of this month for the Lilith Fair Contest on  Give this new version of Right Here Now a listen and let us know your thoughts here on my blog.  Last time we posted a sample, we got some great, practical feedback from Barry Friedman (shorten the intro.) and Julie Maria Madrona (less reverb on the vocals).  Thanks for listening and sharing the production process with us!  Here is the new sample of Right Here Now (version 2):


Enjoy! – Catherine and Michael


  1. Very nice and smooth Catherine. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it. Keep that creative spirit going girl…

  2. how about toning down the electronic embellishments and expanding the range of your vocals? ala the talent you exhibited in your rendition of Halelujah? who is the drummer? where did you get it?

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