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New Album Update

As we move into the Holidays, I am excited to be moving forward with the new album. All the elements are coming together in such beautiful ways.

I’m excited that Christopher Krotky-Chavez at Studios7G in Fairfax, CA will be mixing my tracks. He’s a very skilled ProTools engineer and also brings his creative ideas to the project.

And the very talented Ananda Vaughan is going to be doing some tracking on my new bluesy song, “Expectations” (click here to listen to a sample!). Please leave a comment on SoundCloud with your impressions.

This song was called “The New Easy” and though I had all the chords mapped out, it was missing lyrics for a long time. I went forward with tracking the guitar, drums and bass with only a melody in my head. Then last week I found some lyrics my friend Chris Pumphrey and I wrote years ago when we were in a duo called “Blue Poppy,” and when I put the lyrics with the music, they just fit perfectly. I love it when that happens!

For the web curious, I’ve updated my website with a new video player and better styling (check it out!).

I am so grateful for your support and the ability to make music.

Have a most happy Thanksgiving!