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Radio Campaign, Upcoming Podcast Feature, Spotify playlist adds to date for “Let This Be Enough”

Since my last post, I’ve been selectively spending on radio, playlist and licensing campaigns. I’m already seeing some growth in my Spotify listener count (over 700 now) and hope to see a significant increase in listeners in the near future when these campaigns do their magic. I’ve also been researching and collecting resources about the most cost-effective ways to promote.

MusicStaxLTBE10.12.23In this process, I learned that “Let This Be Enough” has a popularity score of 16% which means that folks are listening all the way through to the end. Shout out to Ryan with Indie Music Academy for directing me to for this handy tool which utilizes the Spotify API to pull data. Ryan offers online courses for developing indie musicians like myself who are aspiring to collect royalties from their works.

Last week I had a meeting with Ray West of the Mezzo Agency who educated me about all the ways I can collect royalties, including forming an LLC for my music publishing company, AllGoodMusic with ASCAP. Previously I had a writer membership with ASCAP, but now I also have a publisher account which allows me to collect 100% of the royalties. Previously, CD Baby/Song Trust was listed as the publisher for Whirlwind Girl and Right Here Now.

Also this week, Tinderbox music printed 100 CDs and one-sheets to mail to non-commerical radio stations as well as submitted “Let This Be Enough” to genre-specific NACC radio stations across the nation. Here’s a list of all the playlists that have added “Let This Be Enough” as of today (click on image to expand):


In case you want to visit these playlists, here are the links to check them out:

you in mind… (from Boost Collective)

Acoustic Morning (from Sound Campaign)

Rainy Day Blues by Don’s Tunes (from Groover):

Acoustic Reflections – Relaxing Melodies (from Groover)

Heartbreak Country (from Boost Collective)

Country Rock Breakthrough (from Boost Collective)

Best Folk Acoustik – Rock – Pop (from Groover, for one month only)

Thanks to and their acceptance of my paid submission, on November 6th, “Let This Be Enough” will be featured on the Women of Substance podcast on iTunes. This podcast features “the best new music by Female Indie Artists and Female-Fronted Bands in all genres hand-picked by Bree Noble. Women of Substance Radio has provided a platform for female Indie talent since 2007 and was transitioned into a Podcast in 2014. Each show features 10 – 15 songs and Host Beth Matthew provides interesting tidbits about the artists.”

Fingers crossed for some great exposure which could lead to more Spotify listeners and more social proof! Do you know a playlist curator? Please share my track or add it to your own playlist – much appreciated!

Stay tuned for more updates on potentially another radio campaign with Imperium Network and another playlist campaign with Groover.