We’re at 91 – but I was wrong about the rules for the semi-finals!

Either they changed the rules or I was hallucinating, but I just downloaded the official rule sheet from OurStage.com and we need to be in the top 20 to make the semi-finals by Monday night!  Impossible?  Hardly.  With your help, we got this!  Here’s how:

If you want to guarantee our track, Right Here Now, will come up at least once a day in your judging process, simply make Catherine Scholz your “favorite artist” by clicking the green button above once, then click it again when you get to the OurStage website.


Judge on OurStage or Judge on Facebook

Judging to make the top 20 for the semi-finals ends 9pm PST, 11pm CST and 12am EST Monday.
Remember to take a screenshot if our track comes up and email it to us for some freebies!
And may the best artist win!

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