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Whirlwind Girl is being ReReleased

Before I start my next full album project, there are some adjustments I’m making to some of my tracks from Whirlwind Girl (2008). Stay tuned to my blog and/or my email list for new versions as I release them and please comment if you would like to share your thoughts about the changes I have made. This music is for you!

Lilith Fair Contest: We need your help!

Lilith Fair Contest Update: our track has slid to 365/566!

Can you help?  Here’s an incentive for taking some time out of your schedule to help us out.

1) Follow this direct link to judge tracks in the California category

2) Judge tracks until you get to Right Here Now

3) Take a screenshot of the page (how-to tutorial here)

4) Email the screenshot image to with your mailing address.

5) We will send you an autographed Whirlwind Girl CD and 2 brand new releases, Right Here Now and You Are Loved (new world-fusion dance track – yummy!).

You can also judge on

Thanks so much for your support!
Stay tuned to my Facebook page for more frequent updates!

Lilith Fair Contest: Time extended and playing field narrowed

The Lilith Fair Local Talent Search has extended the entry deadline to May 22nd, though judging on will begin on May 1st, 2010.  They have also narrowed the playing field by region so I will be competing with other artists from California and Hawaii instead of the whole world and if selected, I would be performing in San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego.

We have been producing our new song, “Right Here Now” at SunSound Studios and recently, one of our fans, Christopher Taylor, strongly encouraged us to consider uploading “Whirlwind Girl” for our contest entry.  What do YOU think?  Leave us a comment.

New audio sample: Right Here Now v2.0

Michael Logue and I have put in some more hours on Right Here Now, the track we are submitting at the end of this month for the Lilith Fair Contest on  Give this new version of Right Here Now a listen and let us know your thoughts here on my blog.  Last time we posted a sample, we got some great, practical feedback from Barry Friedman (shorten the intro.) and Julie Maria Madrona (less reverb on the vocals).  Thanks for listening and sharing the production process with us!  Here is the new sample of Right Here Now (version 2):


Enjoy! – Catherine and Michael

Upcoming Performance: See Jane Do’s Passion into Action Conference


Announcing: I have been asked to perform “Right Here Now” live at the upcoming See Jane Do Passion into Action Conference to be held at the Holiday Inn Express in Grass Valley on Saturday, January 23rd, 2010.  The song is currently being co-produced with Michael Logue at SunSound Studios and “Right Here Now” will be available on compact disc at the conference.  Samples of the track will be available on my website soon and MP3’s will be also available for purchase as well.  Check out the video of a live performance of “Right Here Now” with co-writer, Michael Logue at the See Jane Do Soiree last year (it’s about 22 minutes into the video).

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Video: “Whirlwind Girl” Live at LadyFest Nevada County 2008

This is a live performance of “Whirlwind Girl” by Catherine Scholz at LadyFest Nevada County, 2008.

Lyrics to “Whirlwind Girl” by Catherine Scholz

Whirlwind Girl

Lyrics and music by Catherine Scholz (©2008)

Whirlwind girl, spinning dust.
Spinning Tree, she must be lost by now.

By now her leaves have gone from green
to shades of yellow, orange, red,
to bridges, then to rivers,
then to sea…

Whirlwind girl, spinning time.
Spinning Tree, she must be fine right now.
By now she’s light, though lost and nameless,
hungrier, though young and blameless,
strange to be given something free.


Growing her roots straight down,
waving her leafless crown,
holding the cryin’ ground,
Spinning Tree.

Whirlwind girl, spinning gold.
Spinning stars, she must be old by now.
And like the nights, her sighs grow longer.
And as her tender roots grow stronger,
Her heart becomes a whirlwind spreading dust,
as it must.

Whirlwind girl, spinning round.
Holding Earth, she knows to kiss the ground.
Forever home, though lost and nameless,
Hungrier, though young and blameless,
Strange to be given something free. Spinning Tree.


Whirlwind Woman, spinning fire.
Spinning sound, her own desires near.
Happier, her name is faceless,
Healthier, though old and blameless,
strange to be given something free,
and now it’s strange to be GIVING something free,
Spinning Tree.


My first podcast: “Whirlwind Girl” by Catherine Scholz with Michael Logue

This is my first Podcast – a sample of the title track of my 2008 release, “Whirlwind Girl (available on iTunes).” I recorded this album at SunSound Studios in Grass Valley, CA with guitarist/engineer, Michael Logue. For reviews, videos, photos, interviews and more, please visit my website. And if you like what you hear, you can sample the rest of my tracks here: “Listen to Whirlwind Girl.”

Make music, not war…

– Catherine Scholz (artist website)